WeShift shut down on July 1st, 2016.

WeShift was an experiment in making tools to help workers build power in their workplaces. We're still building interesting tools, and would love to see a successor to WeShift come into being. If you have ideas, get in touch at positiondev.com.

WeShift is a tool to help workers control their time at their workplace, with or without the cooperation of management. It can help workers keep track of schedules, switch shifts, or communicate about problems.

WeShift can be used as a sole source of scheduling using daily and monthly calendars. Shifts can be imported from spreadsheets or entered one by one. Timesheets that show how many hours a worker has actually worked can be generated and compared to paychecks.

WeShift can also be a place for workplace organizing. It's a simple way to get time off (i.e. if you request a shift off, anyone free during that time is contacted), but also a way to communicate anonymously / collectively about issues at the workplace - to make known that a certain shift is always overwhelmed, or that there is broken or worn-out equipment.

WeShift is just a tool - you make it what you want it to be.

WeShift - Bulk Input of shifts from spreadsheet
WeShift - Bulk Input of shifts from spreadsheet